Terms and Conditions

1. These package rates are net of Senior Citizen and PWD discount.

PhilHealth benefits for hospital services may be availed of. However, professional fee will be net of PhilHealth. PhilHealth documents must be accomplished and submitted on or before admission.

2. All arrangements must be properly processed prior to admission for the procedure. If the patient is already admitted, prior charges incurred must be settled before the availment of the package.

3. If the patient is not legally or mentally competent, the parent/ spouse or legal guardian will have to sign the Availment Form and Package Agreement.

4. Full payment is required before availment of the package Mode of payment shall be in any manner indicated below:

a. Cash

b. Manager’s Check

c. Credit card

Excess amount not covered by Letter of
Authorization (LOA) for HMO and Insurance covered
patients shall be paid before availment.

5. All payments should be made to MEDICAL CENTER MANILA.
6. The package rate covers a fixed number of days as stipulated above. If the patient does not use the full period covered, no refund shall be made.

However, if the patient’s hospital stay exceeds the stipulated length of stay, the regular hospital rates for all expenses incurred, and professional fees for the additional period will be charged.

7. If the patient decides not to proceed with a pre-paid package, the amount paid may be refunded subject to a ten (10%) percent cancellation fee or P10.000 00 whichever is lower, payable to the hospital. Cancellation fee for HMO and Insurance covered patients shall be paid by the patient in cash.


  1. All laboratory work-ups shall be done as OPD basis.
  2. Pre-operative diagnostic procedures (eg. Ultrasound, ECG, blood exams, etc.).
  3. Diagnostic procedures and pertinent interventions for uncontrolled medical conditions and complications (Examples: diabetes, hypertension, COPD, CVA, chronic renal disease, venous thrombosis, intractable heart failure, pulmonary complications, etc.).
  4. Additional medical supplies (eg. sutures, clips, trocars, etc.). If other brands of supplies are used, the cost difference shall be charged to the patient accordingly.
  5. Medications (maintenance meds and extra pain meds) and other fees for unanticipated tests or procedures which may be necessary.
  6. Professional fees from referrals to other specialists (eg. Pulmonologist, Nephrologist, Psychiatric, etc.) that are not covered by the package.

All other charges not specified in the inclusions but are deemed necessary by the attending physicians.