Project Description

Hemodialysis Unit

Provides hemodialysis services, equipped with the latest B. Braun dialysis machine

  1. Intermittent Maintenance Hemodialysis
  2. Sustained Low Efficiency Daily Dialysis (SLEDD)
  3. Emergency Hemodialysis
  4. Online Hemodiafiltration
  5. Internal Jugular / Subclavian / Femoral Catheter Insertion
  6. Isliated Ultrafiltration (ISO UF)

*If you are from another hospital, please bring your medical abstract, dialysis management protocol, latest Hepatitis profile, blood chemistry results and the last three (3) treatment sheets at least a week before your preferred dialysis schedule.

Schedule: 6 AM to 7 PM, Mondays to Saturdays.
Contact Information: (02) 523.81.31 loc. 2404 / 2509.