At ManilaMed, we put your well-being as our priority. With the country’s top healing professionals and state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities, we strive to give only the best to our patients. With compassionate healthcare at the core of everything we do, we promise only our utmost care to every person who walk through our doors.
Six young Filipino doctors, returning to the Philippines after many years of specialized training in the United States, pooled their limited financial resources to set up in the City of Manila in 1965, a small laboratory with basic capabilities. This laboratory – the Medilab, was the beginning of a vision of comprehensive medical care that integrates a hospital and a medical insurance system. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Paulo C. Campos, this vision was made into a reality when University Physicians’ Services, Inc., (UPSI) was organized on September 30, 1965.

Backed financially by a non-medical group headed by Mrs. Soledad Lirio Dolor, UPSI established Medical Center Manila on July 29, 1967. What it had to offer was the best and most advanced medical and diagnostic equipment, and a staff of well-known and experienced consultants who are specialists in their respective fields.

On August 15, 1967, the hospital was formally inaugurated as Medical Center Manila with Dr. Paulo C. Campos as its first Medical Director. The blessing was given by Rufino J. Cardinal Santos. Under the administration of the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres, it opened with an initial capacity of 176 beds for adults and children and 24 bassinets in the Nursery. It was on August 15, 1982 when the MCM Extension was inaugurated and the blessing was given by Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin of Manila.

On August 1, 1987, UPSI created the Hospital Management Services, Inc. (HMSI) as the legal entity that will own, manage and operate Medical Center Manila.

In March 2013, Mount Grace Hospitals Inc. bought majority shares of HMSI and now operates and manages Medical Center Manila, rebranding it with its former nickname, ManilaMed.

FONT is soft and curvy – denoting warmth and care.

The COLOR combination calls attention to the logo and strengthens the brand’s uniqueness in the marketplace.

GREEN is the color of life and growth, takes off from our heritage; as the color that we have carried since the start of operations in 1967, assuring patients that this is still the same hospital they have been patronizing.
BLUE color represents intelligence, trust and sincerity. It assures our patients that we will manage their cases with the competence and sensitivity that they need and deserve.
RED is the color of warmth, passion and strength. It speaks of our strong commitment to deliver quality and affordable care.
The HEART ICON celebrates our love for the basics of our profession through the heartfelt caring that we deliver to our patients. The cross inside it tells people that at the core of our caring is our medical competence.

We deliver compassionate patient care with the best outcome.
We respond to the needs of the community in the preservation of health through education, training and research.

To be the hospital favored for exceptional patient experience.

Our CORE VALUES are centered around stories of care. All our dealings with our Patients, Doctors, Business Partners, and Co-Workers are guided by these core values.

Sensitivity – responsiveness to the needs and wishes of patients and hospital staff.
Teamwork – unified effort to become the best in everything we do.
Openness – receptivity to change and improvement.
Respect – recognize and uphold the rights of patients and co-workers.
Integrity – honesty and professionalism in the performance of duty.
Excellence – consistently outstanding delivery of comprehensive care.
Social Responsiveness – commitment to service the wider community.

ManilaMed is part of the network of hospitals of Mt. Grace Hospitals Inc. (MGHI).

MGHI seeks to create a nationwide network of hospitals organized to provide comprehensive, excellent and compassionate healthcare.

MGHI values the vital role of doctors in the provision of care. It recognizes that optimal clinical outcome and favorable patient experience are made possible by the coordinated efforts of all the hospital personnel as well as the cooperation of the patient in the delivery of care.

As part of its thrusts, MGHI focuses on improving and upgrading hospital facilities, enhancing operating efficiency, delivering quality service and organizational culture-building.

MGHI supports the hospitals in its network to keep up with the evolving demands of healthcare by, among others: pursuing operational synergies, promoting rational patient care, improving accessibility with the use of appropriate technology, and tracking developments on external factors impacting on the hospital sector.

The end result is an organization that is better equipped to provide efficient and affordable medical care, notable for its exceptional level of commitment to patient care and community needs.